Origin London at the Orange Dot Gallery

Founded by 17-year old Gabriel Noble, Origin London is an independent clothing company that will release four limited edition t-shirts in collaboration with UK art collectives TIMC (This Is My Costume) and Puck during summer 2011.

Puck Collective is a highly regarded group of illustrators on London’s graphic art scene. Following the success of their group show at London’s C.A.M.P, the collective exhibited at Somerset House’s Pick Me Up, which quickly cemented their position as one of the most exciting group of young illustrators in the UK.

Represented by Babycrow and Robbie’s Brown Shoes, the pair will exhibit a selection of rare illustrations and prints alongside their Origin London t-shirts.


TIMC are a self-proclaimed “organised crime cartel” with a passion for drawing. They say, “We don’t really agree with un-fun artwork or think about things too much. We draw what we want and nothing too emotional.” The three gents and one lady that make up TIMC, who normally use London’s backdrop as their canvas, will mark their gallery debut with a selection of new works.

Origin will screen-print two designs from each collective. Limited to a run of 30 T-shirts for each design, the hand numbered and signed tee’s will be boxed in exclusive packaging and accompanied by a mixtape compiled by each artist.

Origin London Exhibition
July 30th – August 19th

PREVIEW: 30th July 2011, 12-6pm
RSVP: salma@theorangedot.co.uk


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