Origin London Exhibition at The Orange Dot Gallery


Origin London at the Orange Dot Gallery

Founded by 17-year old Gabriel Noble, Origin London is an independent clothing company that will release four limited edition t-shirts in collaboration with UK art collectives TIMC (This Is My Costume) and Puck during summer 2011. Puck Collective is a … Continue reading

Jah Skillz & Shortie No Mass, Can you tell the difference?

Can you tell the difference between her and Shortie No Mass though? Is it just me or do they sound identical?!

This song features Jah Skillz

This one features Shortie No Mass

On another note check out Charlie Smarts sample of Super Soul Sis. Got a Kanye feel to it but that’s never really a bad thing.

Action Bronson – Lean as some motherf*ckin Ostrich meat

Action Bronson, the king of New York. Yes, it’s true. The Queens native, according to Pitchfork, began rapping to “bankroll his culinary studies in Tuscany.” That statement alone leaves Bronson in hip-hop stardom.

Although I haven’t heard  his album Dr. Lecter, the reviews suggest it’s a winner. Consensual rape, one of the leading tracks from the album, is on constant repeat. Odd Future are what people are raving over right now, with thier dreams of becoming pop stars finally coming true. But Tyler et al. have nothing on this Irish goon. He doesn’t give disclaimers and doesn’t have dreams of attaining celebrity status. Mr. Bronson just wants to cook. And for that I have great respect for the man.

I played my mum Consensual Rape and it left her in tears of laughter. Lyrics such as, “you’re full of shit it’s time to get a colonoscopy” “stay lean like some motherf*cking ostrich meat,” and “rising quick no Fleischmann’s,” referencing to the active yeast product produced by a company by the name of “Fleischmann’s”, are one of many punchlines that left me wanting more from Mr. Bronson.

On another note should I be getting excited over Cons? I’ve never really seen chunky Converses and the idea of them does get to me.


Back to business

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For the past month or two months we’ve been seriously slacking on the blogging front and we apologise for that. Back on to it though, I thought I would share my Ebay addiction with you. Full of bargain hunting I’ve … Continue reading

It’sNate – I’m On One

I’ve bigged this guy up before on here but there’s never a time when Nate releases a track that doesnt deserve to be shared. This time Nate spits over  Khaled’s hard-hitting beat but Nate levels it, which is something which shouldn’t be taken for granted. Take a Listen.

Look out for Nate’s “Never Ask Take Everything,” his debut mixtape set to come out veryyyy soon.


Ben Sherman V.I.P. Plectrums

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The good guys over at the Orange Dot agency gave me a heads up on a new project organised by the Mod inspired clothing company Ben Sherman. The project is based upon creating loads of money for two charities, Lifebeat … Continue reading